Individual Event – Organization of the 2023 Clim-Health Africa meeting

Libreville, 26 – 28 July 2023

Clim-Health Africa, established in 2013, is a multi-stakeholder initiative bringing together Pan-African technical institutes and international partners to guide and strengthen the public health resilience of African countries and communities. Clim-Health Africa provides scientific leadership, capacity building, research, and policy support to help inform and support the health sector across Africa in moving from the current reactive mode to a proactive mode. Clim-Health Africa serves as the principal user-interface mechanism for engaging, guiding, and setting standards for the health community to access and use climate services in Africa. It intends to serve as a virtual hub, where expertise is shared in order to develop the capacity of African health and climate communities, institutions, practitioners and partners to understand and integrate climate change challenges into policy, socio-economics, planning and programming.

Clim-Health Africa specific objectives are:

  • Encourage collective and inter-sectoral action on Climate Change and Health (CCH) within national governments and supporting institutions;
  • Increase the amount of resources (human, financial, technical) available for CCH;
  • Intensify communication and advocacy efforts on CCH in Africa


WHO has received funding from the Wellcome Trust to support pertinent activities, via a project entitled “Building the Climate Change and Health Field: Placing Health at the Centre of the Global Climate Negotiations”.

One main activity of the project is to organize the 4th meeting of the Clim-Health Africa, since the 3rd one organized in 2015 with the aim of contributing to the three above mentioned outcomes.

The main objective of the 2023 Clim-Health Africa meeting is to build on the implementation of the 3rd Clim-Health Africa meeting and the 2017’s roundtable recommendations for designing way forward, considering the recent international agreements and moto for resilient, sustainable and low carbon health systems and the need to foster climate, food safety and nutrition nexus actions.

The meeting will allow partners to discuss emerging issues and how to make climate services and the Clim-Health Africa Network more responsive to both emerging policy agendas and user needs in Africa.

The specific objectives are:

  • Discuss Clim-Health members’ initiatives in Afro region from the decade 2015-2025 related to climate information and services for health action, climate and health security and emergency preparedness and, climate and health capacity building for better resilience of the health sector, including food security and nutrition;
  • Plan Clim-Health Africa community integrated and multi-sectorial work Agenda for the five coming years, including the raising of the health voice in the negotiations on climate at UNFCCC-led COPs, based on lessons learned from the ongoing 2015–2025-decade initiatives;
  • Plan a fund-raising strategy to implement the 5 years agenda in a way that contributes to relevant priorities and initiatives and commitments at regional and country level (e.g. climate resilient health systems).


More details will be announced in this website soon.