WHO AFRO participation in the Climate Health Africa Network for Collaboration and Engagement (CHANCE) network conference

Tshwane, South Africa – 23 & 24 June 2022

The CHANCE network aims to facilitate interactions between policy makers from East and Southern African countries, representatives of international organisations, funders, researchers, and WHO, so that we collaborate on climate change and health policy development and work together to take advantage of available climate financing.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Facilitate cross-learning about best practices in climate change and health policies and research in East and Southern Africa
  • Systematically identify policy and research priorities for East and Southern Africa
  • Strengthen linkages and synergies between members of the CHANCE network, policy makers and other stakeholders
  • Collaborate to advance policy formulation and climate financing for climate change and health programming in Africa
  • Develop plans for key policy and climate financing initiatives, aligning with the priorities of COP-27 and WHO


The full material of the conference is available on the official website: https://chanceconference.online/welcome

WHO AFRO participated actively to the full works of the conference and also hosted a WHO AFRO Clim-health consultation in which it presented:

  • The activities and achievement of Clim-Health from 2013 to 2022 Discussion and Prioritisation of Next Steps
  • A session on Maintaining Momentum from the COP-26 Health Programme and Clim-Health Contribution to the COP-27
  • A session on Building Strong Case Studies from the AFRO Region and Presentation of 6 Case Studies from the Africa Region to be promoted to the COP27, named as COP27 CCH Case Studies.